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CLG Béal An Mhuirthead did not register with the County Board until 1936 and began with the Junior Championship. They won the North Mayo championship and successfully took a place in the county's central game against Westport but sadly they did not win on the day.

In 1944 the club won their first junior championship against Murrisk. Migration was affecting the Erris area during the fifties and especially affecting the football and CLG Béal An Mhuirthead. The club won the North Mayo competition in the years 1953 and 1954. JamesRutherford and Eamon Shevlin played in these teams along many other great men. Eamonhad a shop on the main street and this was the club's headquarters at the time.

CLG Béal An Mhuirthead previously played in the Town Park and Drum in Binghamstown before moving to their state of the art development in Tallagh. This development which comprises of two full size pitches along with a state of the art clubhouse which includes four changing rooms, a first aid room, offices, a board room and a large function room.

Padraic McIntyre, from Cormac Technicians, project managed the € 1.8 million development and John Gallagher chairman of CLG Béal An Mhuirthead stated at the time that "This will greatly enhance the local community for 30 local people employed in the project. The development which was completed in 2010 in time to host the Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta national finals. Mayo Senior Football Manager John O'Mahony visited the new €1.8 million GAA development in Belmullet and lauded the facility as one of the best in the country.

"The new GAA complex and pitch development in Belmullet is as good as I have seen in any part of the country. It is a credit to the Belmullet GAA club and the entire local community that had the vision and commitment to develop it," he stated.




The following is an article which appeared in the Mayo Advertiser in September of 2010

New Belmullet GAA centre a ‘real community effort'

Mayo Advertiser, September 10, 2010.

Belmullet Electoral Area committee members paid tribute to the extensive community effort which has gone into developing the state-of-the-art €2 million Belmullet GAA center, which is not alone a sporting center but also a venue where local community groups are welcome to meet.

At their area meeting which was held in the plush boardroom of the new GAA center, John Gallagher, the chairman of Belmullet GAA, thanked those who gave grant aid and helped fundraise and in particular thanked Corrib Gas, Mayo County Council, and Raidió na Gaeltachta, and also thanked the four local councilors who "contributed a huge amount" of effort and the council workers who "did a tremendous job on site".

Councillor Michael McNamara said that the facility highlighted the importance of the local GAA in the community as, through using the energy of local families and the parish, a center of such high caliber had come about.

Cllr Rose Conway Walsh commended "the real community effort" in developing the centre, while chairman of the committee Cllr Gerry Coyle said that "consultation not confrontation" led to the development of this centre, which shows what can be done when a community pulls together.

Mr Gallagher said that the boardroom, which was furnished by Paddy Ruddy of Ruddy Joinery, is open to "all areas of society" and he hoped that over the next 10 years the development "becomes a centre of excellence" as "we are only at the third stage of development".

On Friday the 16th of April 2010 Belmullet man and former Mayo Gaa all-star Willie Joe Padden launched the Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta Finals in Belmullet. The Gaeltacht football tournament attracted over 10,000 visitors to the Erris area from the 4th to the 7th of June 2010 with TG4 and RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta broadcasted the finals live to the nation and BBC television also covered the games for the first time. More than 10,000 people visited the area for the competition which has being hailed as one of the most successful ever in the 25 year history of the competition. The Corrib Gas Partners, Údarás na Gaeltachta and TG4 were main sponsors of the Comórtas. 


John O Mahoney TD and Willie Joe Padden along with Club Chairman John Gallagher and CLG Beal An Mhuirthead Club Members. 


On the 25th of April 2013 the Mayo Gaa Senior team held there annual training camp in Belmullet for two days. The Mayo Gaa team stayed 6 days in Portugal in 2012 but they opted to go to Belmullet this year which was a huge success as stated by Donal Vaughan the center back for Mayo. "We have been in Miami, we've been in Portugal last year, in a training camp up the country, in Johnstown House and different places, but the way we were treated in Belmullet...," the centre back muses in The Irish Independent. I don't know was it the fact that we were keeping it in our own county, it was Mayo people that were looking after us in the hotel, but the one thing that really struck me was how we were treated down there. It just brought it home to us who we are representing.

There are fishermen down there and they took us out on a boat trip one day, basically powerboats out on the sea. They never have their boats in the water at this time of the year, but when they heard we were going down, they decided to get the boats ready just so they could take us out for two hours so we could enjoy ourselves. The day we went out was really wild but they still took us out. It was some craic. The fishermen presented us with lobster. James got to break the lobster - it is a bit of a ritual, an honour if you can break the lobster. We had a great night there in Teach John Joe's, but the whole Belmullet thing was the way people went out of their way to help us. They really struck a chord with the players. Sometimes you get wrapped up in the whole training side of things and you might actually forget, somewhere like Belmullet they mightn't see us too much down there. They are every bit as much Mayo fans as people in Castlebar, and probably more so. It means more to them - it is identity. Maybe the next time we go out and play for Mayo, we'll be thinking of these people, you are actually representing them as much as the people in Ballinrobe."

The Following Article appeared in the Mayo News which was written by John Cuffe a native of Blacksod Co Mayo and a proud Belmullet man.

Belmullet roll out red carpet for Mayo. 

WHAT is it about the word Mayo and the national papers? The mere mention of it in GAA terms has the scribblers reaching for the cliché dictionary and the funny jokes pamphlet.

So when Kerry went to Spain for a spot of training, a quiet week in the press was enlivened by the news that Mayo were ‘only' heading to Belmullet to fine-tune for their forthcoming championship. Belmullet, Blacksod, Elly Bay, Erris Head and Carne sand banks are places that would grace the pages of the National Geographic or any travel book in the world. The Mayo panel and management team arrived in Erris on Wednesday and were billeted in the Broadhaven Bay hotel on the edge of the town. It's one of a number of new hotels that has opened in the area. There the players had access to a state of the art gym and swimming pool. From there, after having access to top class cuisine, they were bussed out to the two million GAA complex that Belmullet GAA club opened two years ago. All weather pitches, gyms, boardrooms, dining facilities were put at the disposal of the county team by this progressive Gaeltacht club.Early morning training sessions on one of the many magnificent beaches that adorn the area were the recipients of thirty young men running on sand and recuperating in the salt water. As the team trained and availed of the top class facilities in our own county, the word went out. Countless children and the adult kids descended respectfully to observe their heroes. Imagine the dreams that the young children had that night. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The Mayo players visited Blacksod Bay and the local fishermen took them out. They showed them the islands. They allowed them to fish for the specimen fish that teem in the bay. Others jet-skied swam and boated. That night they were hosted in Teach John Joe whose host John Gallagher himself gave sterling service in the Green and Red of Mayo. The players were now exposed to fans whom they possibly never ever met before. The bond between those hardy seaboard folk and their football team could have been only strengthened. Next time Mayo players walk on to a pitch in Croke Park they will now realise how big a county we live in and how far west...west really is.

Teach John Joe, as indeed all the other hostelries in the area spared no expense or effort in ensuring that the representatives of our county were treated in a manner befitting their status and the esteem they are held in. Amongst the healthy nutritious food the team ate in the area was fresh fish and produce caught and grown in the area and served by the locals. They visited Carne golf club, one of the world's most renowned links courses. As they drove the balls into the wild beauty that nestles this course bordered by the nearby Atlantic I have no doubt that the trip to Belmullet will have given the time and the space to reflect and to prepare for the journey that lies ahead of them. Unlike Spain, this time the team were amongst their own people. The meeting of both can only benefit us all.

Written by John Cuffe.

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Chairman of CLG Béal An Mhuirthead and fellow members along with Belcross Ltd 

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